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If you are concerned about being impacted financially or being unable to get to the bank, we are here to support you.

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Your tough business problem could become a growth opportunity, with the right partner. Our differentiated data and powerful analytics, delivered in real-time on the Peersphere Bank™, means insights and solutions for every stage of the customer journey.

What people are saying about us

Jackie Martin

"It's great to see Peersphere trading ltd add an online banking feature to their ever amazing offline trading software platform, great experience, fast deposits and withdrawals"

Susan Cline

Whoa, impressed. I have always used the peersphere offline trading tools for over two years. This new banking feature is incredible, i had to always wait for three days for my peersphere offline trades profit to be deposited to my local account via an intermediary bank but with the new peersphere banking, my external account is simply attached and my profit deposited to my local bank account within hours via a domestic wire. Best trading bank.

Donald Roberts

My business loan was deposited within days. My withdrawals are fast. I love the domestic withdrawal facet, funds are withdrawn and deposited in my local bank account within hours. Although new, I will be closing my local account and using my peersphere bank for all my needs. Great banking service.

Yi Liu

I swapped my Bitcoin to Yuan within seconds and my Yuan deposit was available in my local bank account within hours. When traveling I have zero worries with my peersphere black card travel card, I am able to switch currencies and withdraw cash at ATMs in local currencies at low fees. Banking with peersphere has been awesome.

We are here to support you

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28 Apr, 2021

Helping Health workers

If you work in Health, we want to do everything we can to support you during this time. We've set up a new telephone line for you, so you can get advice about your finances 24/7.

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Stay at home

26 Apr, 2021

To help you stay at home, please sign up for our mobile app or digital banking. Keep on top of your finances and manage your money from the comfort of your home. Criteria apply.


Support during self-isolation

1 May, 2021

Our Banking for Everyone page gives you the support and guidance you need during periods of self-isolation.

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